A winding, fern-lined cobblestone driveway welcomes you into Hacienda Jalisco, a magical place. Enjoy the fresh, clean, crisp air of the Sierra Madre as the lane culminates at the rambling Hacienda, nestled amid lush vegetation, birds and graceful wildflowers that take you back in time. No electricity, oil lamps are lit at sunset and scattered throughout the hacienda as well each room. Dating back to the 19th century Hacienda Jalisco belonged to the mining trading Jalisco the oldest data is counted in the historical archives of the municipality are 1885 and 1899. San Sebastián del Oeste is a designated Pueblo Mágico, one of the seven in the state of Jalisco maintaining their historical character and promoted by the federal government as touristic destinations.

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Property Features

  • B&B potential
  • Natural environment
  • Pueblo magico
  • Vast land for further development